Despite the company was reregistered under a new brand "Oilgasprom" LLC in 2011, all company employees have been engaged in the supply of equipments and aggregates for 20 years to satisfy the needs of different national economy sectors. Obviously, the company’s area of priority is the oil and gas equipment supply. So far, the employees working in this company completed trainings in the USA, England and Russia as well as have experience in working with clients in accordance with international standards. The principal company slogan is - oil sector comprehensive maintenance. The company implies the following under the comprehensive services: purchase, delivery, mounting (installation supervision), warrant and service.

The goal of the company is – networking the high-technology and high quality product manufacturers. Within the given context, the company pays considerable attention to oil company specialists training abroad. Training and probation of specialists are conducted on individual programs. The company considers the specialness of all equipments to be supplied. 10 employees of the oil company have already been sent to Germany, Belgium, Turkey, China and Russia for probation and familiarization on purchased aggregates. By virtue of such programs, equipment deterioration and failure is reduced to zero.

Our company  "Oilgasprom" LLC, founded and established its two affiliates companies, for the convenience of contract handling  with a local and foreign companies, which are: "Stamptone Service" Sp. z o.o.  registered in Poland, Warsaw for interactions with foreign companies and "Oilgasprom" LLC which registered in Azerbaijan, Baku, for cooperation with a local firms that involved all oil and gas sector. Thus, the company  "Oilgasprom" LLC retained its brand and ensured timely implementation of all projects in possible fastest time. Thankfully to these measures, our Companies  earned good reputation in front of our valued customers and companies with whom we constantly cooperate.

"Oilgasprom" LLC calls all oil and gas equipment manufacturers for cooperation! 

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