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"Oilgasprom" Company for several years has been involved in procurement tenders for oil and gas equipment, materials and raw materials. Transparency and objectivity of conducted tenders allowed the company to prove itself in many fields. In particular, the company's qualified personnel successfully and on mutually agreed terms established business relations with more than forty companies and factories in 15 countries around the world. Geography of deliveries covers the territory from India to USA. Our partners are companies such as “Jindal Saw, USA” (USA), Drill Pipe International (USA), “Oswal valve’’ (India),  “Dieseco” (the Netherlands),  “Gantrex” (Germany), “Trumpf” (Germany), "Dillinger" (Germany), "Industeel" (Belgium),  “Gunay armature” (Turkey), “Dongying Kangyu Petroleum Engneering Technology Service Co., LTD” (China), “Schwarze Robitec”  and  “Buhlmann” (Germany), “Purkburn” (Scotland), “Sibtradegroup” (Russia) and so on.

"Oilgasprom" Company within 2 years has won more than 50 tenders undertaken by the various structures of SOCAR. We have supplied pipe-bending machines for the production of pipe bends of the latest generation (57-326 diameter, wall thickness up to 16 mm.). With this machine there is no need to purchase pipe-bends of 57-326 mm diameter, what saves a very large budget. It should be noted that the German experts conducted training in Baku for a month. Also, experts from the oil company have been assigned to Germany for training on site.

"Oilgasprom" Company also participated in the laying of a submarine cable (3x95) 22 km along the bottom (150 m depth) of the Caspian Sea. For this purpose special equipment was purchased in the UK. As special pride may be noted the fact that this project was carried out only with the help of local experts. 

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