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In conditions of severe competition, the company "Oilgasprom" tries to minimize their costs. The purpose of this action is to find the optimal solution for the supply of products of different purposes. The main objective of the company is to do it without reducing of qualitative indicators of the products. In this issue, we are working closely with both trade companies and manufacturers. Of course the issue of reducing the cost of the ordered product is very difficult, but solvable.  Our employees daily follow world prices for raw materials (mainly metal), as well as a change of conjecture of demand for world currencies (mainly euro, dollar, ruble, yuan). Purpose - to optimize the company's currency resources, taking into account predictable purchases. In this issue the most important is timely currency conversion and creating a balanced currency basket. Due to the efforts of company's employee on the optimization of the currency basket reduces 3-5% the production costs during the procurement.

Another main focus of the company to reduce the cost is to work with logistics companies. Task - to find the new and best ways of shipping the products. Company has achieved some success in this matter too. Working with logistics companies, employees take into account not only the traditional routes, but also offer new ways of delivering. Besides, the company also builds permanent relations and partnerships with logistics companies, that in the end brings certain dividends.

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