Central office staff

Allahverdiyev (Mushfig) Michael - CEO at "Stamptone Services" LLP, Scotland, UK. Head of Marketing Department at "Oilgasprom" LLC for Asia, Japan, The USA and EU member States - G7

Niyaz ZiyadovChief Manager of Marketing Department for Russia and CIS member States
Gulnar Abdullazade - Marketing Coordinator
Sabina Asadova - "LV Shipping & Transport’s networks" Logistics Company.


Company offices

Dmitriy Revutskiy - Director for "United Trading Company" Ukraine. The official representative of the Company in  Ukraine


Tel.: +38(066) 838-68-86

Tel.: +38(098) 236-63-27

Surtseva Yelena Leonidovna - Director for "Sibtradegroup" Russia. The official representative of the Company in Russian Federation


Tel.: +7(345) 239-25-44

Fax: +7(345) 277-55-67

Sophia Shang 

Manager for "Shandong Leading Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd." China. The official representative of the Company in People's Republic of China.


Tel: +86-0546-777-56-65

Fax: +86-0546-707-78-66 

Girolarmo Maria Blanda

Purchasing Manager and official representative of the Company in Italy


Tel: +39-348-650-03-60 

Sarah Hou 

Senior Sourcing Manager and official representative for "Stamptone Services LLP" in People's Republic of China

Tel:  86-631-589-65-23 Shandong, Weihai, China 



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